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Post game jam version available!

Delve is a platformer-management game about a professor who, despite dangers, refused to leave their team's submarine after discovering an ancient relic. Help the professor survive for 24 hours by performing all sorts of tasks, from maintaining power in the submarine to keeping yourself from getting hungry.

The enormous number of tasks are overwhelming but, fret not! With a few cups of coffee, our professor will be sure to do things quicker and more efficient. However, beware; relying too much on our friend may cause some side effects...

LD Jam page | gm48 page | Postmortem


  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Move
  • Space - Jump
  • Shift - (Hold) Zoom out
  • E - Interact
  • Enter - Confirm/OK
  • Esc - Back/Cancel

This game was originally a submission for both gm48 and LDJam 41.

This game was made to hopefully teach people about drinking too much coffee. (Please drink coffee responsibly.)



Delve (post game jam).zip 86 MB
Delve (LDJam entry).zip 3 MB
Delve (gm48 entry).zip 3 MB

Development log


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Interesting concept, are you developing this further?



Yes, I am. Currently working on the post-game jam version that should fix bugs and include some important stuff.


Looking forward to it


Hey man! raelly enjoyed the game, i do wish i read the instructions before i got into the game haha, a few bugs here and there but otherwise, a nice game to waste some time on (:


Hello! Thank you for trying out Delve!

I really regret not putting instructions/a guide in the game. I'm currently working on a post-jam version that will be sure to include a tutorial, and more stuff. If you're interested, you might wanna check it out once it releases. Thanks again!