Post-Game Jam Update 2 - Major Overhaul

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Hello there!

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates for the post-game jam version of this game. After the game jams I submitted this game for, I've been hired as an artist and have been extremely busy. However, I haven't completely forgotten about Delve just yet.

Since my last update, I have done a lot of work on the game to make an (almost) complete makeover, from art to gameplay. Here's a list of what you can look forward in the new Delve. (The list may be incomplete; I may have not listed some changes.)



  1. Increased max values
  2. Adjusted automatic resource depletion alarms and amounts
  3. Coffee dependence no longer has any effect on max health value
  4. Lower health consumption when interacting with a station if coffee boost is active.


  1. Added toilet
        - When balancing the game, I realized that dependence was mostly untouched by any resource/station despite its significance as another stat. I decided to include it in order to allow players to control the effect of coffee on their character.
        - Reduces # of cups of coffee drank (that decides dependence) but reduces air and water
        - Once interacted, the player will remain inside until its duration ends, disallowing movement or cancellation
  2. Increased collision masks for stations (for better detection)
  3. Adjusted stations' effects to resources
  4. Air tank now needs Water to be above 0 to be interactable.
  5. All stations need Electricity to be above 0 when interacted, except the kitchen and generator.
  6. Stations no longer decrease Electricity when interacted.
  7. Air tank now consumes water.
  8. Coffee machine now consumes water.


  1. Adjusted move speed and jump height when boosted by coffee and not.
  2. The game now spans 24 hrs instead of 3. Starts at 8 am.
  3. Time now increments by 5 mins (previously 30 mins) every ~1 RL second.


  1.  Added popup/notification when:
        - A resource is increased
        - A station's needed resource is currently 0
  2. Added resource value feedback
        - Goes red, shakes and flashes at critical level
        - Flashes when player tries to increase/decrease a maxed-out resource
  3. Trail effect when coffee boost is on
  4. Stations turn white-ish when the player is colliding with them
  5. Station-specific SFX when the player interacts with them
  6. Added SFX when player tries to increase a maxed-out resource through its station
  7. Heartbeat with BPM depending on coffee dependence level
  8. Size of vignette increases as coffee dependence increases


  1. Reworked level
        - Removed an entire floor
        - Changed station locations
  2. Removed slope at generator
        - At first, it was really just cosmetic to make the sub look like rounded and elongated.
        - Tried integrating it but ultimately decided to remove it since it doesn't offer anything important or fun
  3. Redid doors
  4.     - Before, they're just animations that play when the player goes by. Now, the player can collide with them.


  1. Fixed dead but no game over/Random deaths
  2. Fixed player getting stuck on


  1. Integrated dynamic resolution
     - It will scale now to your monitor's resolution to make it easier to play.
     - Fullscreen also available.
  2. Progress bar location aligned properly
  3.  Added slight delay on view/"camera" movement
  4.  Reworked tileset
        - Made things to scale more realistically with the player
        - Redid them to normalize pixel sizes and colors
  5. Replaced logo
  6. Redid title screen
  7. Made station animations
  8. Replaced font
  9. Replaced "E" button popup and made it animated
  10. Added room transitions
  11. Redid level backgrounds
  12. Redid submarine cutout  


  1. Added title screen BGM
  2. Added ambient tracks
  3. Added alarm SFX when depth is at critical level


  1. You can now zoom out to see the structure level by holding Shift.
  2. Added day and time of death on game over screen
  3. Added Help menu
  4. Added Settings menu
  5. Added Credits screen
  6. Added tips on game over


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Aug 25, 2018

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