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GMNox is a dark modern skin for GameMaker: Studio 1.4. I tried tying it with the look of a dark themed-Windows 10 app, but with a touch of the defining color of GM:S. It was inspired by and based from this skin. Made using VCL Skin Builder.

The .rar and .zip files both contain:

  • Nox.skn : This is the main skin.
  • Nox.col: This file changes the colors in GM:S' code editor. (This one is optional.)

Currently, the pack doesn't include a .dll file, which should alter all(?) icons in the IDE. Also, I noticed that I haven't fully replaced all bmps (like the scrollbar). I will update it when I have the time.

On the right (2nd screenshot), you will see a comparison of the default GM:S skin and GMNox. In terms of color, this skin's are generally darker. The title bar also looks like Windows 10's.

EDIT: Uploaded an alternative version with thicker side and bottom borders if you have problems with the original. Should have no problems with the .col file.

Install instructions

1. Extract the .rar or .zip file.

2. Copy the .skn and .col (optional) files to the skin directory of your GameMaker: Studio installation. By default, the skins folder should be at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\GameMaker-Studio\skins.

3. Open GM:S.

4. Go to File > Preferences. In the bottom right corner, choose "Nox". Click OK.

5. Restart GM:S.

To reload a skin (e.g. you replaced/updated it), simply do steps 3-5 above.


GMNox.rar 13 kB
GMNox.zip 13 kB
Nox - thicker borders.skn 15 kB

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